Who Accepts Bitcoin in 2024? [Infographic]

If you’re like me, you’ve heard a lot about Bitcoin lately. You may have even tried to figure out what it is and how it works. But let’s face it — digital currencies can be confusing. 

If you wonder who accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for their goods and services, you’ll be pleased to learn that this and other cryptos can be used in basically all industries to purchase goods and services. 

So if you want to learn something new and exciting, why not check out some of the awesome places that take Bitcoin! Who knows — you might just end up finding your new favorite brand.

Find in this article:

  • Ways to spend Bitcoin
  • Stores that accept Bitcoin
  • Where to pay with crypto locally

How to Spend Bitcoin?

If you’re looking to spend some of your Bitcoin online, know that there are plenty of places to check out. The list of stores that accept Bitcoin is always expanding, as this cryptocurrency is working its way towards becoming a legit payment system. For example, you can purchase jewelry, clothing, hosting services, or even pay for travel and accommodation.

If you’re still wondering who accepts Bitcoin, here are some specific examples.

1. Twitch had 8,431,539 streamers in February 2022, and it accepts Bitcoin.

If you’re into Twitch game streaming and are looking for ways to support your favorite streamers, you can use Bitcoin to subscribe and donate them.

2. Internet Archive is another place that accepts Bitcoin, with a total of 13,995,938 users.

If you’re interested to know who accepts bitcoin in 2022, make sure to also check out the Internet Archive. It’s a digital library that offers free knowledge, so you can also learn something new while exploring places that accept BTC.

3. Pirate Bay has been accepting BTC for a while and offers a database of 6.7 petabytes of downloadable content.

The Pirate Bay might be your go-to when you wish to download movies. By now, you probably know this is the place where you can use Bitcoins to support the platform.

4. Save the Children reaches more than 197 million children, and you can use BTC to donate.

Save the Children is a London-based international non-profit organization that helps children around the world find better education, get healthcare, and improve their economic opportunities. This organization accepts BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, LTC, and GUSD.

Who Accepts Bitcoin?

Did you know that you can purchase a condo with crypto? Check out a few other organizations and businesses that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. You might be surprised to learn that even the Federal Election Commission is on the list.

5. Condos.com is one of the real estate companies that accept Bitcoin that gives you rebates in BTC.

Condos’ mission is to change the way people purchase condos online. This real estate company also offers cash and crypto rebates on each transaction you make, processed in just three or four days.

6. AT&T is the first mobile carrier that accepts payments in BTC via BitPay.

AT&T is also on our list of places that accept Bitcoin. There are 165.9 million AT&T customers, and if you’re one of them, you can now pay your bills with crypto.

7. Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin in 2014.

Does Microsoft accept Bitcoin? You might be shocked that the store got into crypto back in 2014. However, according to what the community says, you can only use it in the store.

8. Etsy has 89 million active users, and if you were wondering, “does Etsy accept Bitcoin,” the answer is, “Yes.”

If you’re looking to shop on Etsy, know that many sellers are now accepting Bitcoin as payment. You’ll pay through an exchange, so you should get familiar with the process.

9. PayPal supports crypto purchases for as low as $1.

Many hoped that PayPal would get into the crypto market, and it recently did. While the service is not yet available globally, you can get started with as little as $1.

Bitcoin Stores Near Me

When it comes to countries and businesses outside of the US, many accept Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the variety of products you can purchase is great, and it includes watches, food, and some luxury items. Here are some famous stores that accept BTC payments globally.

10. Get one of 800,000 Rolex watches and pay it with BTC in Amsterdam Vintage Watches.

Rolex makes about 800,000 watches annually, and Amsterdam Vintage Watches is one of the luxury stores that accept Bitcoin via BitPay where you can get your favorite watch. You can also choose between Audemars Piguet, Cartier, or Patek Philippe watches.

11. ESMT Berlin, Germany, is among the top 10 business schools in Europe where you can pay your tuition in crypto.

ESMT Berlin, Germany, has let its students pay tuition in Bitcoin since 2016. This is also the first German university to accept crypto payments, and that’s why it earned a spot in our list of places that accept Bitcoin.

12. Pizza Hut has 17,639 restaurants globally, and the one in Venezuela accepts BTC.

You might want to buy pizza with Bitcoin to honor the official Bitcoin Pizza day. If you live in Venezuela, you’re in luck since Venezuelan Pizza Hut accepts BTC payments.

13. The City of Fortaleza, Brazil, has 120,600 square miles, and you can pay for transportation with crypto.

If you want to know how to spend Bitcoin in Brazil, you can head over to the City of Fortaleza and utilize this payment method in public transportation.


If you’re looking to start using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, or if you want to know which brands accept them as payment methods, our infographic below is a great resource. It includes all of the information you need to get started, as well as a map that shows where you can use Bitcoin and other cryptos for purchases.


Nowadays, all sorts of stores, businesses, and organizations accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as payment methods. These include fast food and luxury restaurants, sports organizations, charities, online and brick-and-mortar stores, pubs, car dealerships, and many others.

Yes, there are various banks across the world that accept Bitcoin in one way or another. However, you should know that crypto options are still quite limited when it comes to traditional banking services and products.

Cryptocurrency is accepted across all industries. What’s more, you will find it possible to pay for various products and services with cryptocurrencies in many countries across the globe, making crypto payments a rapidly increasing trend.

No, you cannot. Unfortunately, no one knows if Amazon plans to introduce cryptos as a payment method in the future, but considering their growing popularity, it shouldn’t take long for this to happen.