Xiaomi Discontinues Blockchain Pet Crypto Rabbit

Chinese electronic giant Xiaomi launched its blockchain product called Cryptorabbit in 2018. However, based on the company’s recent announcement, Cryptorabbit will officially go offline on March 1, 2022.

Major Adjustments Should Be Made

The official announcement also noted that there’s still much room for growth and the improvement of Crypto Rabbit functions. According to the company, major adjustments need to be made so the game will go offline in March.

Crypto Rabbit is a game similar to Crypto Kitties. Both games are recorded on a blockchain, and each of them is unique. Crypto Rabbits can’t be copied, modified, or destroyed by anyone, not even the owner.

The appearance of Crypto Rabbit depends on the genes, and every gene has a specific attribute that makes it rare or common. Therefore, the number and type of various genes determine the level of the Crypto Rabbit, as they could be legendary, epic, unique, rare, and common.

Crypto Rabbit could also go out, meet other netizens, fall in love with other rabbits, and give birth to their babies.

With the launch of Crypto Rabbit, Xiaomi has also launched a virtual currency Mi Grain. Crypto Rabbit owners could obtain Mi Grain by taking care of the rabbits and raising them. However, the company has regulated the virtual currency in a way that users could not use related Crypto Rabbit services for anything else besides the game.