ZeroShotBot Launches Chatbot That Needs No Training Data or Coding

ZeroShotBot democratizes chatbots for businesses of all sizes. This kind of bot doesn’t require any coding or training data and drastically reduces the costs. ZeroShotBot uses conversational AI technology that allows the bot to be scaled in a matter of hours.

How Does it Work?

Current chatbots need countless hours to train and can be slow to learn and adapt. For example, a regular bot might take up to 18 months to collect the right data.

However, ZeroShotBot utilizes the power of zero-shot learning, meaning it can perform tasks that it has never seen before. It requires zero data on the task and can successfully manage around and interact with the subject matter.

Anyone can configure this bot, regardless of their technical knowledge and experience with chatbot technology.

To start using the chatbot, users should first load it up with answers it should generate. Once a customer asks a question, the bot will rank the responses based on certain conditions, match the words in the question, and provide the answer.

Besides an easy setup, this bot features enterprise-grade security, real-time chat monitoring, and scalable platform architecture.

ZeroShotBot was created by the founder of the AI conversational platform Clinc, Dr. Jason Mars, and the former CTO of Clinc, Dr. Lingjia Tang.