Survey of 1,250 IT Experts Shows The State of Data Innovation in 2023

The Enterprise Strategy Group that deals with measuring data innovations surveyed 1,250 seniors and executives across multiple industries. The survey was focused on assessing the organizations’ data practices, innovation infrastructure, and results.

Data Innovations Can Transform the Business’ Processes

This project started from the basic idea that data innovations can transform the business’ processes via the use of new types of data analysis.

Simply put, the organization with the best data capabilities should use that data to be more innovative and have more impact on their business.

The conclusion was simple. All organizations should holistically observe their business. They should question how to make their employees better at what they do and help them generate new ideas.

Organizations should also let employees develop new ideas, discuss them among multiple teams, vet them, and then deploy them.

One of the best ways to achieve this was by using big data. Big data has the power to lead the whole organization towards creating a better system of operations.

However, big data is often a collection of various information that looks disconnected at first glance.

This is why big data should be correctly sorted, analyzed, and presented for it to work.