DeFi Yield Protocol to Allow Buyback, Farming, and Staking on Binance Smart Chain

The cryptocurrency market allows for new methods of earning money besides traditional investing. Usually, most cryptocurrency owners would either trade or hold their investments through a few Bitcoin cycles to accumulate more funds.

They could also mine or stake their coins and receive returns.

Today, with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms, cryptocurrency investors have new methods to earn.

What is the DeFi Yield Protocol?

The DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a unique platform that lets users stake or farm crypto and also manage NFTs.

With DYP, users can provide liquidity and receive rewards for their efforts. What’s more, this platform is working on keeping its token stable, which will offer security to users and minimize the chances of manipulation.

At the moment, every user can earn 50% APR if they use the staking pools. Additionally, users can earn 100% APR if they use the buyback pools. The maximum earning is set to 500% APY for using the farming pools.

Since Binance Smart Chain remains one of the top platforms for people interested in crypto and blockchain, DeFi Yield Protocol gained more traction with the successful launch of the new pools.

At the moment, $15 million are deposited in the pools in less than one day. This DeFi platform already paid out over $44,314,000 to its users.