Fold and Niantic to Launch AR-Based Bitcoin Rewards App

It was a matter of time when Bitcoin would meet AR. Fold and Niantic have recently partnered, intending to launch a mobile app where users will have fun in the augmented reality world and earn Bitcoin along the way.

Niantic is a leader in the AR industry, and after the creation of Pokemon Go, this is the next big step for the company to make.

Bitcoin Prizes – Overlaid

The Fold AR beta app will overlay Bitcoin prizes over the real world. The app will utilize Niantic’s real-world mapping technology and Fold’s features for Bitcoin rewards.

This will be a unique step into combining the real world and AR.

The app’s beta version is currently available in the Fold App, and it allows players to earn Bitcoin rewards.

According to Fold’s CEO, Will Reeves, this app can be the easiest way for people to receive their first satoshis. Fold has always tried to make the Bitcoin economy easy for anyone, and this new app has the power to fulfill this goal.

Head of AR platform marketing at Niantic, Meghan Hughes, sees this new crypto app as an opportunity to pave the road for new kinds of entertainment experiences and push the boundaries of technology.

At the moment, Fold AR users can jump in their metaverse every 10 minutes and locate and open a Bitcoin block to collect prizes.