“Hey, Google, Pay for Parking” Feature Is Out

The latest update from Google allows smartphone users to pay for parking with a new feature. Android owners only have to say, “Hey, Google, pay for parking” to get their parking spot paid. This feature works thanks to Google Assistant and Google Pay.

No More Coins and Rush, The Payment Is Instant

This feature helps Android owners pay for parking faster than traditional payment methods. What’s more, Android owners can also check their parking status by saying, “Hey, Google, parking status.”

“Hey, Google, extend parking” is also available. However, while this feature strongly relies on voice commands and voice search, users would still have to follow through and use their screens to finish the payment process.

This feature is currently available in America, as Google also partnered with ParkMobile to make this service available.

According to Google, the new payment methods can be used in ParkMobile street zones in more than 400 US cities. However, Google plans to expand its network of partners and provide this service across the United States.

Besides this update, users will soon find a screen time widget, which will help them check how much time they spent on the top three apps on their phones. This should serve to improve the digital habits of smartphone owners.